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2nd Court Case in a Row Finds AI is Not Plagarism

That makes two separately adjudicated court cases in a row finding that AI is NOT plagarism. Hard to prove infringment when you don’t have any examples, and you never get the same result twice.

Separate issue from unauthorized training on copyrighted material, which is still being litigated, and opt-out should obviously be an option for anyone. As if it mattered.

Retweeting Andres Guadamuz (TechnoLlama):

Judge dismisses most claims in the Sarah Silverman AI copyright case against Meta (with leave to amend except for negligence).

This is a very strongly worded order, which calls some of the plaintiff’s arguments “nonsensical”, particularly the argument that the models cannot work without the expressive information extracted from their works.

Moreover, it shuts down the argument that all outputs are derivatives of all of the inputs, we’ve now have had two different decisions which have ruled against this line of reasoning. The lack of infringing outputs once more is hurting the claimants.

Most other claims were also dismissed, including the DMCA copyright management information removal. The case continues with the uncontested copying input claim, and this will probably be decided on fair use grounds either way, just like the Andersen decision.