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Elizabeth McGovern – The Truth (excerpt)

Elizabeth McGovern - The Truth (excerpt)

It’s 7:30PM, Sunday night. My phone rings.

“Hey, we need a music video for Elizabeth by 9AM tomorrow morning. She’s going on TV to promote the new Downton Abbey movie. The only problem is we don’t have any footage.”

“That’s not your only problem. It’s 7:30, the night before.”

“We know. All we have is four other videos she did previously. The production values are great, but they’re four completely different songs, each with completely different lyrics and tempos than this one. Can you help us?”

“Sure. I can give you ONE HOUR. Put everything in a bag and send it to me. I’ll figure it out.”

[Two hours later]

“Here’s your video.”

Elizabeth: “It’s absolutely incredible. I’m amazed.”