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Music: Expanded Radio: The WZBC Sessions


From WZBC – 90.3 FM, Newton, MA., The home of “No Commercial Potential” radio, comes Expanded Radio: The WZBC Sessions. From the deep dark days of 1993.
“A live broadcast circa 1993, wherein WZBC DJ Andrew Woolf and I converted the station into a musical instrument. Andrew was in the main control booth, playing multiple CDs simultaneously, and taking phone calls live on the air. I was in the next room with my Mac, carpet bombing the soundscape with various samples and loops.

At first, it was chaos, but we quickly got into a groove. We couldn’t see each other, but we could hear, and it became a real-time collaborative sound collage. To my mind, one of the most “”pure”” avant-garde projects I ever did. There were some breakthrough moments where we were creating soundtracks to movies that could never exist in the real world.

For fans of The Firesign Theatre, Ken Nordine, Lord Buckley, Ozric Tentacles, Astralasia, Transglobal Underground, Carl Stalling, Raymond Scott, Timothy Leary.

Track 7 was “”Psilocybe Semianceata”” by Astralasia, which has been removed by Soundcloud’s music police, but can be found elsewhere.”
“Originally founded as WVBC, the voice of Boston College, around 1978-79, the radio station changed its format to something called modern rock, and became inundated with innovative new bands which commercial radio would not touch.

At approximately the same time, WZBC also began broadcasting more experimental music under the moniker, No Commercial Potential, thus changing the future of WZBC irrevocably. Since the initial format change, WZBC has grown to become one of the most influential and respected college stations in the country.”