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My Artistic Agenda for 2024

Frank Coleman - My Artistic Agenda for 2024 - Trailer

Exciting News! As we dive into 2024, I’m thrilled to share upcoming projects that I have planned. GET THE WHOLE STORY HERE!

  • New albums on the horizon, including a live album from John Ashton’s Satellite Paradiso, featuring Sara Lee and members of Mercury Rev!
  • Exclusive releases for Patreon supporters, featuring deep dives into the Secret Agent DECLASSIFIED debut and the forthcoming REDACTED album.
  • Ambitious collaborations, including STELLAR EXCURSIONS, ambient soundscapes inspired by the cosmos.
  • DIVINE MUSHROOM – a suite of mind-expanding albums blending medieval instruments with modern electronics, plus a groundbreaking show blending music with virtual reality.
  • A sneak peek into my memoirs, capturing a lifetime in the arts and sciences.

Stay tuned and please support my journey on Patreon for a front-row seat to these new adventures!
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