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NEW: My first DJ set on Mixcloud

My first show on Mixcloud! It’s electronic music with heart, not just a pulse. These songs are deeply poignant, and speak to a universal sense of longing, even if the longing is fulfilled. If that sounds like a conflict in terms, well, it ain’t. Soul comes from the author, not the pen they use.

Here’s the playlist.

Autumn Tactics (Chicane’s End Of The Summer Remix) – Chicane, Justine Suissa
Ghosts – Dirty Vegas
Hold On To Me (Original Mix feat. Audrey Gallagher) – Armin van Buuren
Anthem (Original Mix) – Filo and Peri, feat. Eric Lumiere
Rapture, feat. Nadia Ali – Armin van Buuren
Love Theme Dusk (Signalrunners Sunrise Mix) – Mike Foyle vs. Signalrunners
Out There (5th–Dimension) feat. Justine Suissa (Christian Rusch’s Chillout Mix) – Masters and Nickson
Lovers Lane (Original Mix) – Orjan Nilsen
Stars Align (Tom Novy Club Mix) – Kaskade
Leila Doo – Gabor Deutsch
Days Go By (Original Mix) – Dirty Vegas
Waiting (Vocal Mix) – Dash Berlin feat. Emma Hewitt
Say It (Point 4 12″ Mix) – Maria Rubia
Ordinary World (Club Mix) – Aurora Feat. Naimee Coleman
Home (Cosmic Gate Remix) – Paul Van Dyk feat. Johnny McDaid
A Sky Full Of Stars – Coldplay (Avicii Version)

This was partly instigated by a new release of DJay Pro with an automated AI back end for transitions, which is an intriguing assistant, but I ended up cutting it all manually in Logic, anyway. I liked my own ideas better.

I’m a 63-year-old straight white guy, and I never go to clubs. The notion of “trendy” never enters into the equation. It couldn’t possibly. The only “scene” going on over here is my four cats doing their recreation of the chariot scene from BEN-HUR at 3AM. This is simply music that resonates in my heart, much of it for a long time. I hope it moves you, too, in more ways than one.

I have a very wide iris (obviously), and a lot of itches to scratch. I’m glad to be finally getting to this one. Two more EDM shows already in the pipeline. “Sounds like Film Noir,” and “Step Lively: Electro-Musical Stimulation.”

And it’s February 16. Happy celestial birthday, Dad.

This is an anthem for the girl that got away
This is an anthem for the world of yesterday
This is an anthem for the rebel of my youth
This is an anthem for the risk of loving you

All I ever wanted is a place out by the sun
To watch the world go by and take each day as it comes
All I ever wanted was a chance to catch my breath
To see the world go by and lay my ghosts to rest

Hold on to this
To dream is a gift
To laugh is divine
and I won’t bring you down

My home is where you are

‘Cause in a sky full of stars
I think I saw you
Such a heavenly view


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