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Music: Secret Agent – REDACTED: The First Three


SECRET AGENT is original music in the Spy genre, an exciting, highly danceable mashup of electronica, psychedelia, lounge and surf, all mixed together like enemy agents in a vat of piranhas.

For fans of Massive Attack, Portishead, Björk, Thievery Corporation, Propellerheads, Stereolab, The Prisoner, and protecting Democracy.

CD-front-500sq-_0003s_0009_SA first 3
The home office has authorized our bureau to disclose an advance look at the evidence from the forthcoming album, REDACTED. One of our most provocative, potentially explosive disclosures to date. The first three installments are here.

Written, performed in its entirety, mixed and mastered by Bureau Chief Frank Coleman, at an undisclosed location.
Listen carefully. I’m going to pronounce a few words. Just a bunch of letters scrambled together. Try to understand what they mean.