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Sounds Like Film Noir: My 2nd DJ set on Mixcloud

People have as many misconceptions about film noir as they do about electronic dance music.

Some examples:

Perception: Film noir is always in black and white, and takes place in the seediest part of the city.

Reality: LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN is in Technicolor, takes place at a gorgeous lake house in the mountains, and is one of the darkest noirs ever made.

Perception: EDM is nothing more than mindless escapism, and has no depth or soul.

Reality: Herman Brood’s performance on “Saturday NIght” is as gritty a portrait of loneliness and alienation as anything in film noir.

Noir is not about style, it’s about bad situations in an unsympathetic world. People get in a jam due to their own greed, and sometimes for no reason at all. Bad Girls are a noir archetype, but the point is everybody’s on the take. Nobody’s any damn good, and if they are, they’re a sucker. No good deed goes unpunished.

That’s the noir worldview. Didn’t say it was mine, but… it can be hard to argue with.

New Dawn – Marco V
Saturday Night (Club Mix) – Armin Van Buuren feat. Herman Brood
Can’t Sleep (Original Mix) – Above & Beyond
Talk like A Stranger (Original Mix) – Deepsky
Who Is Watching (Original Mix) – Armin van Buuren feat. Nadia Ali
The Messenger (Neil Kolo`s Dub Mix) – Joshua Thomas
Digital Divine (Part 3) – Goran Geto
Knowledge And Happiness (Original Mix) – Marris
Something Happens (Damien Heck’s Hot Ban D Toh Mix) – Andrew Kelly
Purify (Gus Gus Remix) – Balligomingo
Largo (Original Mix) – Markus Schulz and Elevation
Your Loving Arms (Club Mix) – Karen Overton
Track One (Original Transmisson) – Kolo
Desert Days – DJ John Kelley
Teething (Original Mix) – Stelios Vassiloudis


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