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Music: The Ancients


The Ancients are the duo of lead vocalist Fred Schreck (Satellite Paradiso, Crush), and keyboardist and producer Morgan Visconti (son of the renowned Bowie producer), plus occasional friends (like me).
Formed in late 1990 in New York City, The Ancients re-emerged over 20 years later, with a string of brilliant albums. And here’s their terrific new one. Yours truly on drums for the title track and “Blow.”
“We meet again. This time in the most tumultuous of eras. On the precipice of perhaps the longest leap we’ve ever taken. We made this recording to let you know we’re with you. We see and recognize our frailties. But we also still see our beauty and potential. These days, we’re forced to reckon with realities we’ve ignored. Life is very far out of balance. But all will be level soon.”