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It takes a certain amount of resources to mount any type of artistic endeavor of any consequence. No mystery there, particularly if you care about things like production values!

However, I have so many different projects going that doesn’t make any sense to try to do a fundraiser for each one. That would drive me crazy, burn everybody out, and I would never get anything done. Instead, I’ve set up this page as a sidecar to my website where I’m centralizing everything,

I like to support other artists myself, and I know how good that feels from both sides of that equation. If you’re enjoying what’s going on with my 27-ring circus, and would like to help us do more-better-faster, the best way to do that is become a monthly subscriber, at a level of your own choosing. That’s how I support other artists, and it works well for everybody. 

Cancel anytime, I promise I won’t be offended; Come back anytime, I’d be delighted to have you. Simple as that. Thank you for your support!